Carrie Underwood’s, How Great Thou Art

In 2005, Carrie Underwood rose to fame after winning a competition in one of the most recognized TV competitions. 6 years later, she is a widely known country superstar. Recently, she sang a duet with Vince Gill at the 2011 Country Music Awards. Her voice was so extraordinary and touching that it led to a standing ovation with tears. “How Great Thou Art” became one of the most viewed videos on the internet as well as the most admired. What I am trying to get at is how one person, one voice, one song, can touch millions. When I heard this song, I actually had a reaction to the song (a good one). What do you think makes people have a physical reaction to songs? How does one person singing a song reach people at such an intimate level. Is it the words? Is it her voice? Does it trigger feelings?  Let me know what you think.

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So Sexy, So Soon

While researching for my final paper, I came across an article that discussed how the market and media are targeting young kids for the promotion of sexualized clothes, toys, shoes, and even padded bras! Shorts with sexy statements on them for 10 year olds, shirts with words like pimp daddy on the front for toddlers, padded bras for 6 year olds, bratz dolls with fish nets, boas, and mini skirts. Not to mention a child’s pole dancing set called peekaboo dancing that contained fake peekaboo dollars for kids. All this promotion for sex and sexiness is partially responsible for young children growing up sooner and kids engaging in sexual acts earlier. I think however, the majority of the responsibility is the parents. Some parents think it’s cute to see their son wearing a shirt with a derogatory statement such as “Pimp Daddy” and buy these products for their children. Parents might want their children to fit in with others so they feel pressured into letting their 12-year-old wear a mini skirt to school. Kid’s now a day are not thinking about how important it is to get good grades, there thinking I want to fit in and look good. Having children exposed to things like this at an early age has a huge effect on what their outlook of life will be regarding the perception of people. Overstimulation of sexualized clothes, magazines, TV shows, models, music, basically influences their decisions and how they feel about themselves. Young girls might get the impression that they are sex objects and that they need to be appealing to others. It is sad when you know a 5-year-old cares about how they look. Since when does looks overtop “being a kid?” What happen to the innocent, pure, and carefree childhood?

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ABC’s The Bachelor

Recently, I just finished yet another season of The Bachelor. After it was over, I started thinking about the women that go on the show and try to find love. It kind of seems like a fairytale; romantic dinners, ideal dates, traveling to exotic places, and one hot man that 15 women are fighting for! The women have perfect bodies and everything about the show love and they make it so easy! I question the type of woman that would put herself through an agonizing experience watching a guy shes interested in go out with woman after woman making connections and relationships with each. How is it that in such a short time

25 Women

a woman and a man fall in love? In “real” life it takes time and there is usually only one relationship! Not only are these women being picked like candy in a candy shop, they are not living in real life. I also noticed that there isn’t much time spent with each woman and dates are like gold. How is it that they find love in such few dates. Is it for fame and

The Final two

fortune? Is it for show and tell? I just don’t get it. However, it does keep me entertained every Monday night.

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Prison Babies

After contemplating for some time about what I was going to write about next, I came across news on Access Hollywood about women having babies in prison. Furthermore, these women not only had them, but they were allowed to live with them up until 6 years of age! I was completely flabbergasted at the idea of having young children in a prison. I started researching for news articles about this new plan in prisons and came across a prison in California that was built for non violent women in these types of situations. This facility had top of the line rooms, play areas, and basically was built for the needs of mothers and their children. To me, this is not a punishment and they have it better than most working moms trying to make it in the outside world. How is that fair? If our government can afford to accommodate a PRISONER, how is it that they can’t help provide the same for working mothers who are struggling? To top it off, at Christmas time every year, these women were allowed to shop at the local mall to buy their kids presents. I just couldn’t believe how our tax money is being spent in prisons to accommodate criminals.;photovideo

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Women of Reality Shows

MTV has sure made some unruly reality shows that spark the interest of many young girls today. Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, and the women of Jersey shore have displayed and encouraged negative behavior. Unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancies, abusive behavior, trashy language, and binge drinking are a few of the offensive footages that take place. This is not what young girls should think is acceptable behavior at all. These reality shows are sending messages to teens that it’s ok to punch your boyfriend in the face and to get pregnant when you are a teenager. Additionally, these messages are impacting how young girls handle themselves in situations in real life as well as the decisions they make. Overall, these shows really have nothing positive coming out of them and honestly would be better left not watched at all.

Jwwow and Sammi fighting:

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Hello out there!

Just writing to let everyone know that I think I am up and running (haha). Hopefully I did everything right!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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